9 Signs That You Are Pregnant With A Boy

You just found out that you are pregnant. Congratulations. You are probably wondering what is in store for you if this is your first time especially. And, being anxious and nervous along with experiencing the excitement with the pregnancy is quite normal. And, along with those emotions you are experiencing, you are likely wondering as well what you are likely having. You will have a good chance to find out during the 20-week ultrasound, as long as the baby’s legs are not covering that area. However, there are also some signs to look out for in order to give you an idea of whether or not you are having a boy or a girl. If you are having a boy, you will want to see if these following 9 signs are present which could indicate that:


Mild or absent morning sickness – Having mild or even no morning sickness can indicate that you are pregnant with a boy. The reason for this is because the hormonal levels are not as strong and high as it would be if you were pregnant with a girl. Now, not every pregnant boy mom will have absent or mild morning sickness. It depends on the mom as well but if the morning sickness is not an issue, then there is a much higher chance that there is a boy in there than a girl.


The baby’s heart rate is 140 beats per minute or less – This can be a sign as well that there is a boy in the womb if the heart rate is consistently 140 bpm or less. However, again this is not always an accurate sign because the heart rate can change due to the time of day that the Doppler detects the heartbeat as well as the progression of the pregnancy. But if this heart rate is consistent, chances are it is a boy.


The Extra Weight Is Carried In The Front – If your belly ends up appearing like a basketball and the weight is all in the front, then that is a sign right there that there is a little boy in the womb. And even more so if this appearance sticks throughout the entire pregnancy.


The Areolas Have Drastically Darkened – There is no concrete reason that the strong darkening of the areolas mean that there is a boy in there. However, there seems to be a strong link between this characteristic and being pregnant with a son. That means if those areas on your breasts are considerably darker than before, chances are you are having a son.


You Need Salty Or Sour Foods – If you are constantly craving potato chips, cheese curls, chicken balls from your favorite Chinese restaurant dipped in plenty of sweet and sour sauce, and sweet and sour soup, then that is a sign right there that there is a little boy cooking in your womb.


Constantly Craving Animal-Based Protein – Do you have a constant need to scarf down cheese or meat, then that alone can be a strong sign that you are having a boy. That is because these boys are developing very strong muscles from the very start and animal-based protein will nourish that. And, if mom is a vegetarian, then she will only crave the cheese and not the meat, and if mom is a vegan, then she will only crave plant-based protein. Protein is protein after all. But for non-vegan and for non-vegetarian boy moms, she will be constantly wanting to go out for bacon cheeseburgers!


Hair On The Legs Are Growing Fast – There is no known reason for this indicator that a boy is cooking in the womb but if the hair on the legs is growing very quickly, then that is a strong sign that there is a boy coming into the picture.


Dry Skin – Are your hands very dry and is your complexion very clear but the cost is having dry skin on your face? Then the dry skin is a sign of a boy as well and it is all due to the hormonal changes that are happening when it comes to a boy pregnancy.


Headaches Are Happening Often – Again, this boils down to hormones. Morning sickness may not be the problem when it comes to a boy pregnancy, but those headaches make up for it. If you are having lots of headaches, then there is a boy in the picture. With these 9 pregnancy traits, there is a good chance that you are having a boy. But before painting the nursery blue and buying sports-themed furniture, you will want to confirm that with the ultrasound. Good luck mama!

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