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5 Ways To Help Out A New Mom

April 10, 2019 admin 0

 Being a new mom is overwhelming and can be quite lonely. And, new mothers are at risk of developing postpartum depression as well. Especially if they had a difficult pregnancy and/or have a history of depression or any other type of mental illness. And this means if you know of a brand new mom, don’t assume that she isn’t struggling even if she says she isn’t. Because she is not being truthful only for the purpose of not wanting to appear needy or being burdensome. But the fact of the matter is that any brand new mom needs help since her life has been turned upside down, and without the proper support, she can easily, once again, fall into a serious depression. Let’s look at 5 ways you can support a brand new mom out right now:


Offer Help With Running Errands Or Housekeeping – Tell the new mom that you are happy to run some errands for her and that she can pay you back by providing the receipt or she can give you cash to use for her. This way, she does not have to worry about having to do any of that herself. Additionally, she could use a lot of help with housekeeping. Offer to do laundry or vacuuming, anything that will be needed to help keep the house tidy. She will not have time to do anything because her attention is on the baby 24/7. And, another thing to consider is that if the new mom sees that the pile of laundry is becoming as high as Mt. Everest, then that will cause her to become anxious which will only make her feel worse.


Cook Or Bring Meals – Offer the new mom meals whether you order meals or cook it up yourself. That is up to you, and even though new moms cannot cook, they are too tired to even call for takeout. Why not take care of that for her and remove the burden from her when it comes to her worrying about how she will be fed, and how her partner will be fed.


Offer To Babysit So She Can Have Important Alone Time With Herself Or With Her Partner – If you are comfortable with watching a newborn, offer her an afternoon to herself or with her partner. It is important that she has her own time, and has time to spend with her partner to help keep her sanity so she can bond with her baby properly. However, if you are not comfortable, then you can look around for reputable babysitting agencies that have spotless records and pay for a few babysitting sessions for her. That will mean so much to her.

Encourage Her To Join Support Groups For New Moms Online – There are many excellent support groups for new moms on Facebook as well as on other websites like BabyCenter. Encourage her to join those so she will not feel alone at all. This will help her validate her feelings and her struggles, and interact with those who are in her shoes. Even if she is not seeing them face to face, she will feel less alone by interacting with others in her shoes.


Watch Out For Signs Of Depression – Unfortunately, many new moms are at risk for developing postpartum depression. And be sure to look out for signs that can be indicative of it which are:


  • A loss of interest in anything she once loved
  • Crying at the drop of a hat well past the baby blues phase which is after 2 weeks of birth
  • Not wanting to interact at all and is isolating herself by choice
  • A drastic change in appetite whether it is eating nothing or eating too much which would show by significant changes in weight
  • She is not knowing interest in the baby at all
  • Talking about how worthless she feels
  • Red flags that show that she may be thinking of ending her life by saying things like my family would be better off without me.

If there are any of these signs, then insist that she talks to a doctor or even call a social worker because this cannot wait. Additionally, if you are the new mom, you will want to utilize these tips for yourself as well. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because whether you believe it or not, you need it! Being a brand new mom is not easy and it is an adjustment, but once a routine is in place and your baby is growing, you will grow yourself into motherhood!

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9 Signs That You Are Pregnant With A Boy

March 8, 2019 admin 0

You just found out that you are pregnant. Congratulations. You are probably wondering what is in store for you if this is your first time especially. And, being anxious and nervous along with experiencing the excitement with the pregnancy is quite normal. And, along with those emotions you are experiencing, you are likely wondering as well what you are likely having. You will have a good chance to find out during the 20-week ultrasound, as long as the baby’s legs are not covering that area. However, there are also some signs to look out for in order to give you an idea of whether or not you are having a boy or a girl. If you are having a boy, you will want to see if these following 9 signs are present which could indicate that:


Mild or absent morning sickness – Having mild or even no morning sickness can indicate that you are pregnant with a boy. The reason for this is because the hormonal levels are not as strong and high as it would be if you were pregnant with a girl. Now, not every pregnant boy mom will have absent or mild morning sickness. It depends on the mom as well but if the morning sickness is not an issue, then there is a much higher chance that there is a boy in there than a girl.


The baby’s heart rate is 140 beats per minute or less – This can be a sign as well that there is a boy in the womb if the heart rate is consistently 140 bpm or less. However, again this is not always an accurate sign because the heart rate can change due to the time of day that the Doppler detects the heartbeat as well as the progression of the pregnancy. But if this heart rate is consistent, chances are it is a boy.


The Extra Weight Is Carried In The Front – If your belly ends up appearing like a basketball and the weight is all in the front, then that is a sign right there that there is a little boy in the womb. And even more so if this appearance sticks throughout the entire pregnancy.


The Areolas Have Drastically Darkened – There is no concrete reason that the strong darkening of the areolas mean that there is a boy in there. However, there seems to be a strong link between this characteristic and being pregnant with a son. That means if those areas on your breasts are considerably darker than before, chances are you are having a son.


You Need Salty Or Sour Foods – If you are constantly craving potato chips, cheese curls, chicken balls from your favorite Chinese restaurant dipped in plenty of sweet and sour sauce, and sweet and sour soup, then that is a sign right there that there is a little boy cooking in your womb.


Constantly Craving Animal-Based Protein – Do you have a constant need to scarf down cheese or meat, then that alone can be a strong sign that you are having a boy. That is because these boys are developing very strong muscles from the very start and animal-based protein will nourish that. And, if mom is a vegetarian, then she will only crave the cheese and not the meat, and if mom is a vegan, then she will only crave plant-based protein. Protein is protein after all. But for non-vegan and for non-vegetarian boy moms, she will be constantly wanting to go out for bacon cheeseburgers!


Hair On The Legs Are Growing Fast – There is no known reason for this indicator that a boy is cooking in the womb but if the hair on the legs is growing very quickly, then that is a strong sign that there is a boy coming into the picture.


Dry Skin – Are your hands very dry and is your complexion very clear but the cost is having dry skin on your face? Then the dry skin is a sign of a boy as well and it is all due to the hormonal changes that are happening when it comes to a boy pregnancy.


Headaches Are Happening Often – Again, this boils down to hormones. Morning sickness may not be the problem when it comes to a boy pregnancy, but those headaches make up for it. If you are having lots of headaches, then there is a boy in the picture. With these 9 pregnancy traits, there is a good chance that you are having a boy. But before painting the nursery blue and buying sports-themed furniture, you will want to confirm that with the ultrasound. Good luck mama!

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Turner Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

March 4, 2019 admin 0

When we plan to have a baby and raise a family, all we think about is how positive and how good it can be, but the reality is that problems also exist and sometimes require some serious measures. Not that it is not something positive for parents to have a child, but of course when there is a genetic disease like the Turner syndrome things end up getting different. Diseases such as the Turner syndrome can cause parents to learn to deal with some situations they were not planning or, often, they had no idea they existed. In any case, this does not prevent the creation of her daughter is not good, but it is necessary to understand what the disease is, how it arises and what effects it causes in people’s lives.


What is Turner Syndrome?


The Turner syndrome has this name because it was identified by researcher and physician Henry Turner in the year 1938. It is a chromosomal anomaly, that is, a genetic disease. The disease affects only women, as it is a partial or total variation of the X chromosome, the sex chromosome. The estimate is that only 1% of pregnancies that have a baby with this syndrome come to an end as there must be proper conceiveeasy reviews every month to get protect ion from different serious deceases , like vast majority having spontaneous abortions. It is considered an extremely rare disease because, as we have already mentioned, most pregnancies that have this deficiency or absence of X chromosome ends up in an abortion. Even so, women who have Turner syndrome exist and have development and symptoms of the disease during their lifetime.


Causes of Turner Syndrome


People’s genetic information is normally carried by 46 chromosomes. While the Y chromosome represents the male, the X represents the female sex. And it is precisely because of a total or partial absence of the X chromosome that the Turner syndrome occurs, which makes the women with this disease only have 45 chromosomes in total. There are some types of genetic changes that cause Turner syndrome to occur. Are they:


Chromosome Material Y



Monosomy is nothing more than the lack of a member of a pair of chromosomes. When it is complete, with all the cells of the body with only one X chromosome, we call it full monosomy, one of the most common cases that occur with people who have the Turner syndrome. Monosomy often occurs because of a problem with the father’s sperm or with the mother’s egg.


Chromosome Material Y


Although not a major cause of the turner syndrome, it may also occur that some cells, by some mistake, have a double Y chromosome material with an X chromosome.




This type of alteration occurs when the set of chromosomes is presented in mosaic, that is when the person presents two different genetic materials. When a baby presents normal cells and cells with monosomy at the same time, mosaicism occurs.


Symptoms of Turner Syndrome


There are many symptoms that characterize a person with Turner syndrome. We can list to show how some of them manifest during the life of a woman who has this disease.

Below average weight at birth

Very low stature

Droopy eyelids

Long thorax

Primary or secondary amenorrhea

Lack of development of sexual characteristics

Wide nipples

Short Fingers

Kidney problems



Excess skin on the neck


There is great debate as to whether Turner syndrome is directly related to the intellectual development of an affected woman. The truth is that there are some rare cases of illness with mental retardation that make the person have difficulty in some aspects like doing calculations, but have good intelligence in other areas, such as verbal, for example.


Turner Syndrome Treatments


The treatment of the Turner syndrome is basically done through hormonal replacement that causes the woman to gain and maintain her bone mass, as well as to enable the sexual development of the person. It is recommended that this treatment be done from the early teens so that it has good results. A doctor may also recommend that a woman who has the disease undergo plastic surgery because of symptoms such as excess skin on the neck, for example.


Possible Complications


Because of the difficulties that exist in the development of the woman, other complications can end up appearing, especially when the treatment is not done in the correct way. The main complications that can appear due to the Turner syndrome are:

Serious kidney problems

Heart problems

Celiac disease

Difficulty learning




Living with Turner’s Syndrome


Because of the type of physical development the disease provides, it is very common for people who have turner syndrome to have relationship problems and self-esteem, and may even develop depression. Therefore, it is always important to have the follow-up of a psychologist who knows how to deal with and develop a treatment for women, especially during adolescence. In this way, it is possible that larger problems are avoided. Genetic diseases are often associated with a difficult and painful life, but whoever has the Turner syndrome can have a good, happy life. Of course, there will always be some common difficulties with the disease, but with a good hormonal and psychological treatment, it is possible that a person who has the disease can live quietly. Not everything in life goes as planned, but it is necessary to accept and fight to adapt to the conditions that are imposed.


Vitellin Bag – What is and What is the Importance


In early pregnancy, some structures are created. They are not part of the body of the embryo , but are there to assist you in your vital functions. So is the yolk sac, along with the other structures create conditions for the baby to develop.


What is the Yolk sac?


The yolk sac or yolk sac is the first element observed in the gestational sac during pregnancy, usually from the 3rd day of gestation. It does not work for very long, about three months, but it is of great importance for the development of the fetus. Much of it will be incorporated into the primordial intestine from the 4th week of gestation. This is why the size of the yolk sac in the first six weeks after fertilization of the ovum is much larger than the size of the amniotic cavity along with the emerging embryo.


Why Do I Need a Yarn Sack?


Each stage of pregnancy has characteristics that are a fairly reliable indicator that pregnancy is healthy and develops as it should.In the early stages of development, when the embryo is formed, only the yolk sac performs a variety of functions, without which the normal development of the baby would be impossible.


Functions of the Yolk Bag


The yolk sac works to feed the embryo during the early stages until the placenta takes over, which happens around the 8th week of gestation . It also acts as a system that allows blood and nutrients to circulate throughout the embryo, called the circulatory system . From the 18th day of the beginning of a new life in the vitelline sac, the first embryonic red blood cells (eritoblasts) are formed and the capillaries begin to grow, after which the entire fetal circulatory system has formed. From the 28th day, the walls of the yolk sac produce the first germ cells, which will later move to the embryonic gonads. It is important to say that, at this time, the eggs of a future girl are formed . If, at this time, the mother has suffered or suffers severe stress – the formation of ovules will occur incorrectly and in the future an adult woman may suffer from infertility. By the 6th week, the yolk sac plays the role of the ” primary liver ” and produces proteins that are very important for the development of the embryo, such as alphafetoprotein. The yolk sac is also actively involved in metabolic processes, the formation of immunity and replenishes discharges from the fetus.


Can Ultrasound Bag be seen on Ultrasound?


On Ultrasound, the yolk sac is visible from the 5th to 12th week of pregnancy. If the doctor does not see the yolk sac, this condition is considered unfavorable as it may be a sign that the pregnancy can stop evolving at any time. Also, the premature disappearance of the yolk sac is an unfavorable sign. Normally, the yolk sac should have the dimensions:

less than 5.5 mm at 5-10 weeks;

more than 2 mm at 8-12 weeks.

This is because the diameter of the yolk sac increases exponentially between the 5th and 11th weeks of gestation, decreasing soon after, in agreement with the growth of the fetus. At the end of the first trimester , the fetus is fully formed and passes through the placental circulatory type . The yolk sac becomes redundant and is reduced, that is, it decreases to the point of no longer being seen on the ultrasound. Until the end of pregnancy it remains in the form of a small, somewhat oval body whose diameter ranges from 1 mm to 5 mm at the base of the umbilical cord . If the yolk sac is reduced short of the right time, ie when all organs of the fetus have not yet been formed, the pregnancy will not develop properly. The embryo will not be able to evolve into a new stage of development, and will not become a fetus. This is what often leads to a non-viable pregnancy and spontaneous abortion.

What happens if the yolk sac is not visible?


If the yolk sac is not visible between the 5th to the 11th week of gestation, there are several hypotheses that may be taken into account:


Conception calculation error – The pregnancy may not have been properly identified and is less than 6 weeks old (up to 6 weeks usually the yolk sac is not visible). Ultrasound can determine the heartbeat of the embryo (7 weeks) and the embryo is visible. However, if no yolk sac after 7 weeks is visualized, it may result in termination of pregnancy. Unfavorable prognosis – The woman should undergo a new ultrasound, preferably transvaginally with the high resolution device, to check for the presence or absence of yolk sac. After the 12th week, normally, if the yolk sac is not identified, it means that the fetus began to receive nutrients through the placenta.


What Are Embryonic Attachments?


Like the yolk sac, the embryonic attachments are temporary structures that are created to give the baby the right conditions to develop during his or her belly period.

Are they:

Yolk sac;

Amniotic sac or amnio;


Chorion and



What Does Irregular Gestational Bag Mean?


During the first trimester, one of the check items of the gestational sac is its contour, because in the case of irregular shape, the risk of sac detachment and miscarriage is greater. In these cases, the pregnant woman should remain at rest and make use of medications prescribed by the doctor, so that the gestational sac returns to normal and gestation develops correctly.